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Andre Costisella @ Ph. D

Andre completed his B.Sc in chemistry and is now completing his Ph. D. He is working the total synthesis of penestatin F. In his spare time he enjoys watching basketball, going to the gym, and life guarding.

Avery Morris @ Ph. D

Avery is from Kenmore, ON, colloquially known to locals and surrounding villages as the town where cows roam free. He is currently doing his Ph. D. in photoredox chemistry. In his spare time, Avery is a HAT enthusiast and likes to listen to Black Keys.

Tegan O’Brien @ Ph. D

Since completing her B.Sc. in Chemistry at the ANU in her hometown of Canberra, Australia, Tegan has joined the group to work on her Ph.D. in synthetic methodology using gold photoredox catalysis. When not in the lab, she enjoys visiting her friends’ cats and exploring Ottawa.

Chad Normandin @ Ph.D

Originally from Repentigny, Qc, Chad completed his B.Sc and M.Sc in chemistry at U. Sherbrooke, where he completed the synthesis of the alkaloid tomatidine. After working in medicinal chemistry, he returned to academia and is now currently working on the total synthesis of cembranoid natural products. When not in the lab, Chad can be found either found in a squat rack or wrenching on his subarus.

Lucas Villela @ Ph.D

Lucas recently completed his B.Sc. in Chemistry at the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) – Brazil and subsequently joined the Barriault group to study photoredox catalysis. In his spare time, Lucas enjoys family time, playing videogames and perfecting his service at the tennis court

Chris Wicks @ Ph.D (Visiting Researcher)

Chris completed his B.Sc. and M.Sc. at the U. Guelph where he focused on ring opening reactions of strained bicyclic systems. He then moved to Brock U. to pursue a Ph. D under the supervision of Prof. Tomáš Hudlický investigating the total synthesis of oxycodone. He has joined the Barriault group to complete his studies and is working towards the total synthesis of quassinoid natural products.  Chris enjoys going for long walks in the woods, playing hockey, subjecting his labmates to questionnable humor and cooking.

Akvilė Mažeikaitė @ M.Sc (Visiting Researcher)

Akvilė is in her third year of integrated masters (M. Chem.) at Newcastle University, UK and joined the Barriault group to work on the total synthesis of cembranoid natural products as part of her exchange year research project. Originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, Akvilė enjoys reading crime mysteries, exploring new places and sharing her love for metal music to her labmates.

Kian Mansour @ Internship

Kian recently completed his Honours B.Sc. in Biomedical Science – Medicinal Chemistry here at uOttawa. He has since joined the group to contribute to the total synthesis of quassinoid natural products alongside Chris. Outside of the lab, Kian enjoys lifting weights, running, playing soccer, doing yoga, cooking, reading, and solving Rubik’s cubes.

Julia Ong @ B.Sc

Julia is in her third year of Honours B.Sc. in Chemistry at uOttawa. She joined the Barriault group for the third-year Organic Chemistry Initiative Project. Originally from Canada, she spent parts of her childhood growing up in Germany and Texas. She enjoys reading, travelling and watching sitcoms.


Ph. D.

Martin Hébert, 2016-2022, Intellisyn RD, Scientist
Huy Tran, 2016-2022, Nanovation Therapeutics, Scientist
Montserrat Zidan, 2017-2022, Transport Canada, Emergency Response Advisor
Julie Brousseau, 2015-2020, Transport Canada
Phillipe McGee, 2012-2018, IntelliSyn RD, Scientist
Terry McCallum, 2013-2018, PDF Lin group @ Cornell
Mathieu Morin, 2012-2017, PDF Sherburn group @ ANU Canberra
Gabriel Bellavance, 2011-2016, PDF Nicolaou group @ Rice University
Boubacar Sow, 2009-2013, Paraza Pharma, Scientist
Francis Barabe, 2007-2013, PDF Shenvi group @ Scripps
Jason Poulin, 2007-2012, Transport Canada
David Lapointe, 2006-2012, PDF Sarpong Group @ UC Berkeley
Christiane Grisé, 2004-2009, Merck, Research associate
Steve Arns, 2003-2008, PDF Young group @ SFU
Maxime Riou, 2003-2008, PDF Sherburn group @ ANU Canberra
Rachel Beingessner, 2003-2007, NRC-NINT, Research associate
Effiette Sauer, 2002-2007, U.Toronto, lecturer
Louis Morency, 2002-2006, Boehringer Ingelheim, Research associate
Jeff Warrington, 2001-2005, Cytokinetic, Scientist
Irina Denossiva, 1999-2004, Aegera, Research associate


Victor Alves Borba, 2019-2022, Abbott, Scientist
Samantha Rohe, 2017-2019, Canadian Bank Note Company, Research scientist
Alyson Poyser, 2018-2019, Transport Canada
Stéphanie Lanoix, 2013-2015, NuChem, Research associate
Travis Schwantje, 2010-2012, Gilead Sciences, Research associate
Joel Marcotte, 2010-2012, Engineering School, U.Ottawa
Patrick Levesque, 2010-2012, Law School, U.Ottawa
Daniel Newbury, 2010-2012
Genevieve Betournay, 2010-2012
Kassandra Lepack, 2009-2011, Theravance, Research associate
Anik Chartrand, 2008-2010, CIHR, Research associate
Eric Beaulieu, 2007-2009, Boehringer Ingelheim, Research associate
Marie-Christine Brochu, 2007-2009, Merck, Research associate
Mélina Girardin, 2005-2007, Merck, Research associate
Nathalie Goulet, 2004-2006, College teacher
Roch Lavigne, 2004-2006, High School teacher
Roxanne Clément, 2003-2005, CCRI, Research associate
Julie Farand, 2002-2004, Gilead, Research Associate
Danny Gauvreau, 2001-2003, Merck, Research associate
Ross MacLean, 2001-2003, High School teacher
Jermaine Thomas, 2000-2002, Pfizer, Research associate
Daniel Deon, 1999-2001, IRIC, Research associate

Postdoctoral Fellows

Amandine Xolin, 2015-2016, Paraza Pharma (Montreal), Scientist
Laurie-Anne Juanno, 2014-2015, post-doc (Fabien Gagosz, University of Ottawa)
Alex Cannillo, 2014-2015, (Research Associate, Université de Grenoble)
Guillaume Revol, 2011-2012, Omega Chem. (Quebec), research associate
Minaruzzaman, 2007-2008, Torcan (Toronto), research associate
Gerardo Ullibarri, 2004-2005, Laurentian University, assistant professor

Undergraduate Students

Eleni Karaiskos, Kiara Britto, Patrick Ferrari, Weldon Blastorah, Victor Alves Borba, Avery Morris, Alyson Poyser, Rowan Swann, Samantha Rohe, Montse Zidan, Alexandra Lacoste, Andre Costisella, Huy Tran, Lea Thai-Savard, Julie Brousseau, Michael Forberg, Marina Sanita, Sherif Kaldas, Anika Tarasewicz, Ekaterina Slavko, Terry McCallum, Mathieu Morin, Jeff Warington, Roxanne Clément, Valérie Charbonneau, Julie Farand, Nathalie Goulet, Lise-Anne Prescott, Maude Boulanger, Jennifer Racine, Anik Chartrand, Roch Lavigne, Christiane Grisé, Jean-François Vincent- Rocan, Gabriel Bellavance, Laetitia Mistico, Joel Marcotte, Patrick Levesque, Marie-Eve Lebrun, Eric Rodrigue, Eric Beaulieu, Olivier Gagné, Denis Guigère, Daniel Newbury, Geneviève Bétournay, Krystyna Herasym, Mylène de Lésèleuc, Josée-Lynne Éthier, Anna Chkrebtii, Catherine Séguin, Anne-Catherine Bédard, Véronique Laberge